The biggest
pop culture event
on the planet.

It’s not just
a comic con.

It’s the greatest
pop culture festival
on the planet.

And there are many facts that prove this statement. At CCXP, audiences can check up on news from studios such as Disney, Warner, Netflix, FOX, Sony and many others, as well as watching brand new special trailers, exclusive scenes and even seeing closely the main stars of the moment in our super auditoriums.

In our world
you can be
you want.

CCXP is the ideal place for cosplayers to express their art. The proof of this is that we have the biggest cosplay contest in Brazil, with the highest prize of the category in the country. And the ones who play cosplay without the intention of competing also can count with a dedicated space with the necessary structure to change clothes, do the makeup and everything that is necessary.

CCXP not only
happens during the
four days of the event.

It also comes alive during the other 361 days of the year, through the content we produce exclusively for the internet. And both the festival and our digital platforms generates an atmosphere that makes fans of pop culture feel confortable to demonstrate all the passion they feel for the stories and characters that have shaped their lives.