The wolrd's
first Game Park.

Videogame used
to be for kids.

used to.

In Brazil, the gaming industry generates around US$1.25BI/year in revenue, only behind the USA, Japan and China. We are also the 3rd e-Sports consumer worldwide, which represents 66MM people; and these numbers are expected to grow each and every day.

But even with so much relevance, this national passion did not have a proper stage.

And that'.s why we created Game XP, the first Game Park ever seen.

But what is a
Game Park?

Game XP isn't a fair, a convention, or even a theme park. It is a combination of these events altogether, that when separated, it doesn't really represent what Game XP is. That's why we created our own event format.

Game XP.
Start a New Game.

Game XP is a place where it is possible to live the games inside and outside the screen through immersive experiences; to try the newest games from the best developers; to get close with some technologies that weren't even launched in the market; to watch live concerts; to witness professional player battles on the biggest game screen ever seen on this planet, and much more.