The world’s
most popular
FPS streamer.

One of the
world’s biggest sports

now on mainstream.

With over 378 million minutes watched in February, 2020, the world’s biggest FPS streamer has now become a part of the Omelete Company team. Besides creating content including analysis, gameplays and livestreaming sessions, Alexandre Gaules is also bringing more exclusive news: the CS:GO Premier Blaster Series will now be streamed on his channel.

More than
just partners:
we’re working to
improve Brazil’s
eSports scenario.

As part of a new, historic partnership, Omelete, Globo and Gaules have joined together in order to bring of the world’s biggest eSports championship to Brazil: CS:GO ESL Pro Tour. Gaules.TV has been added to the team also as a way to emphasize the company's strategy on developing multiplataform branches and becoming a rising force when it comes to eSports journalism.