The biggest and most relevant
pop culture brand in Brazil.

Omelete was founded 18 years ago, back when it only worked on fields such as media and content creation.

Nowadays, we currently are the biggest and most relevant pop culture brand in Brazil, always producing mainstream content for our audiences.

We are comitted to delivering relevant, high quality content for our audiences through transparency and authenticity.

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We have been able to communicate with over 15 million fans from all parts of Brazil during this last year.

Together, Omelete and The Enemy's social network profiles show a total of 6.6 followers.

Our digital influencers are among the top-selling ones in *Brazil.
Source: *Meio& Mensagem

The leader in pop culture articles released in Brazil.

Omelete - Main Pillars of Content: Filmes, Séries & TV, HQ & Livros e Música

The Enemy - Main Pillars of Content: Games and eSports

Branded content specially created for our advertising partners.

We are a constant part of our audiences' daily life, be it during that quick break at work just to read the news on what's coming to theaters, coming home and reading some game tutorials, at home with some products from our Omelete Box, or having epic experiences at one of our events.

Besides building up this relationship with the fans, the relationship itself, the communication with them, and our ecosystem captivates them with the content we produce. And all of that is available to our advertising partners.

25 million views from our videos

6 million unique visitors

40 million pageviews

XX content hours

Did you know?

Besides all the journalistic content, we also create and produce short movies. Take a look at that...

In 2016, Omelete invited Caito Mainier and Daniel Furlan to create a webshow focused on culture, but with a hint of satire. They joined in and that was the moment when “Choque de Cultura” was born.